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2017/18 Calendar
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Parent Handbook
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our Parent Handbook & calendar for the 2017/2018 school year.

There are two scheduled general meetings and one annual general meeting each year for Bearspaw Preschool. They are held at the preschool in NW Calgary.

All parents are invited to attend these meetings. It is a forum to learn more about the running of the Preschool and bring forth any questions, comments or concerns. Minutes from all meetings (Board Meetings and General Meetings alike) will be posted in the Preschool for all to see. Questions, comments are always welcome – please Contact Us.

General Meetings
Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 7:00pm
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 7:00pm

Annual General Meeting
Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 7:00pm

Our Community
Bearspaw Preschool is located at the Bearspaw Lifestyle Centre in NW Calgary. The Lifestyle Centre provides a wide variety of programs to suit everyone in the community.

The Bearspaw Elementary School is located in a separate building adjacent to the Bearspaw Lifestyle Centre. It currently serves kindergarten to grade eight.

My Bearspaw is a project operating under T.C.S. Family Services Ltd. – a non-profit organization in NW Calgary. As an online showcase of the Bearspaw community, this site is the most comprehensive and up to date source of local news.

Newsletters will be sent home each month with your child. A calendar of the upcoming month will highlight important events at the preschool.

Separation It is very natural for some young children to feel apprehensive about new situations. Please be assured that your child will be treated with gentleness and respect, and given the time that he or she needs to adjust to preschool. Parents are encouraged to stay at the preschool until they are comfortable leaving. Remain cheerful and positive about school, and trust that your child will be able to handle this challenge.

Click here to read more about separation anxiety, including some simple tips to help both parents and children.
If you have further questions or need guidance please talk to your Bearspaw Preschool teacher.

  • Bearspaw Preschool is the perfect introduction to school life for young children. I had all four of my children attend Bearspaw Preschool and each of them thrived during their time at preschool. My eldest was very shy the first few months but over the period of the year he developed confidence and strong friendships. My daughter loved the social aspect of the school and was always going on playdates after school. My third son thrived in the full sized gym, playing games and riding on bike day! And finally my very quiet youngest felt at home in the caring and nurturing environment and was fully prepared to enter kindergarten by the year of the year. Bearspaw Preschool is truly a wonderful place to send your children, the teachers and staff provide a warm and caring environment where children can make friends, play and learn. I loved our time at Bearspaw Preschool, it was great to get to know lots of other parents and a great way to ensure you child’s first school experience is positive and fun.

    – Shannon K.

  • We chose Bearspaw Preschool for our daughter and were absolutely thrilled with the teachers and her experiences. She learned to play with others, go to gym class, and enjoyed many unique experiences as a class. They had the opportunity to pet snakes and iguanas, the children hosted Mother’s Day tea, they did yoga, and they went on several field trips (i.e. Butterfield acres, the fire hall, the corn maze, and Safety City). Our daughter was provided with ample opportunities to learn and grow as a preschooler with teachers who were caring and very compassionate.

    I chose to become a member of the Bearspaw Preschool board to get involved with the community. As a volunteer board, it offered members a chance to get to know other parents of the area, to see first hand what it takes to make a preschool like this be successful in creating confident kindergarten students and to develop longstanding friendships.

    Preschool should be fun and engaging, but most of all, it should be a safe environment for little budding personalities to gain confidence. I would highly recommend Bearspaw Preschool to any parent and their child/children. I would also strongly encourage parents to get involved on the board and in the classroom as our children are only young and small for so long.

    – Theodora L.

  • Bearspaw preschool has provided both of our children with a solid foundation for kindergarten and all of their future school years. Structure, respect and courtesy are encouraged which provides a secure and fun learning environment. All details of each class and field trip are so well planned to prepare the children for the next step in school and life. We couldn’t have imagined our kids having any better preschool years than the ones they had at Bearspaw preschool and we will be forever grateful!

    – Bruce & Jen Rogers

  • Both of my children had the privilege of attending the 3 & 4 year old program at Bearspaw preschool. The teachers are wonderful! They are professional, nurturing, supportive & awesome!!
    My kids learned self-confidence, reliance, & their alphabet!
    They loved going everyday & were sad to move on.
    Thank you to the teachers at Bearspaw for providing such a great experience for my boys.

    – Angela