Bearspaw Preschool Question and Answer

Bearspaw Preschool Question and Answer

What happens if a child exhibits any symptoms during class time?

The child will be quarantined in a designated area away from other classmates and given a mask to put on. The parent/caregiver will be called immediately, and they will have to be picked up right away. There will be a staff member monitoring the child while they are quarantined.

What if my child has seasonal allergies or a constant runny nose?

The child will be sent home when the symptoms first arise during class. The child will be asked to get a Covid test, once a negative result is confirmed they will be able to return to class. The child will not be sent home with that symptom again for the remainder of the year. If there is any other symptoms that arise throughout the year ie: cough, sore throat, etc. the child could be sent home or be asked to stay home until the symptoms are gone or 10 days have passed whichever is longer.

What if someone in my home has covid, a member of the household is under suspicion of covid or has any symptoms of covid?

Your child must stay home until there is a negative test result, 10 days have past or symptoms are gone whichever is longer.

*Please note that these policies are the same for staff according to AHS.

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