Volunteer Roles

The Bearspaw Preschool is a community-based, parent-assisted preschool.

We depend on the parents of our preschool to take an active role and assist the teachers in the running of the school. We have five employees – our amazing teachers and their aides – whose primary focus is the children. All other aspects of the school are volunteer run, including annual events, fundraising, classroom coordination and the board that is elected by the preschool community.

We believe involving parents through classroom volunteering is an integral part of the program that gives your child the opportunity to share his/her school experience with you. There is no special training needed – all we need is your extra pair of hands and your big heart. We encourage parents, grandparents, caregivers or any other special person to share this time with the children. Volunteer days are your opportunity to see what a typical school day looks like and share some special time with your preschooler. You can expect to spend some wonderful one-on-one time with your child, meet and assist other students, and lend a hand with classroom activities and cleanup. Please help to ensure cooperative play at all times and refer any problems to the teacher.

Volunteering with the preschool is a fantastic opportunity to observe your child’s development first-hand and allow the preschool to meet licensing requirements, while keeping fees to a minimum.

Special HelperDays

Each day one student is the “special helper” which means that they get to help the teacher with circle time activities, bring a show and tell item, pick the songs to sing, gym games, ring the bell and be the line leader.  As well, on that day, their parent and or adult family member can help out in the class if possible (although not mandatory).  Each child will be the special helper several times throughout the school year and this proves to be one of the major highlights for them!  We ask all families to respect the preschool’s policy of keeping violence out of the classroom (i.e. weapons) for show and tell items.  

Field Trips &Special Events

Families are expected to provide transportation to and from field trips and remain on-site to assist with supervision. Often siblings are welcome to attend field trips as long as they are supervised by a parent. If there is a situation when you are unable to accompany your child, please contact your classroom teacher ahead of time to make alternate arrangements. We would not want any child to miss out on these events.

Families may be asked to volunteer for special events throughout the year. This may include providing food, helping to set up or clean-up for an event or assisting with fundraising projects.


A representative from each family is expected to participate in up to two classroom clean-up evenings throughout the school year.

These clean-ups entail a thorough cleaning of the entire classroom and all of the toys (which is required by our licensing board). You may be wondering why you need to help clean. Alberta Health Services, our licensing board, requires that all toys and surface be cleaned/sanitized thoroughly to prevent the spread of harmful germs and bacteria to our children. The teachers do a daily cleaning of all the hard surfaces, but sometimes the little things can get overlooked. You will find that this is a great time to chat with other parents in your child’s class or meet some new faces that you haven’t seen in a while. You will be wiping down books, play centres, sanitizing and disinfecting toys etc! Each family will be responsible for helping with one to two of the 8 clean up days each year. Your class coordinator will give you your scheduled cleaning day at the beginning of the school year so you can plan ahead and will remind parents of the dates leading up to the actual day. Parents meet in the classroom at 7:00 pm and typically finish up 1 to 2 hours later. Children are not permitted in the classroom during classroom cleanup.

If you are unable to attend it is your responsibility to find another person to fill your position.

Registrations Open on January 13th,  2019